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All claims of copyright infringement on or regarding this Website should be delivered to PORNYIP.COM's designated copyright agent

We do not endorse any user Submission, and expressly disclaim any and all liability in connection with user Submissions. PORNYIP.COM does not permit copyright infringing activities or infringement of intellectual property rights on its Website, and will promptly and without prior notice remove all content and user Submissions if properly notified of infringements on third party's intellectual property rights. Repeat infringers will have their user access to the Website terminated. If you are a copyright owner or an agent thereof and believe that any user Submission or other content infringes upon your rights, you may submit a notification to our Copyright agent D. KÖTZ

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As previously specified, we have adopted policies in an effort to voluntarily comply with anti-infringement laws such as the DMCA. As a result, we implement our three (3) strikes repeat infringement policy under which we identify users or account holders who may be participating in repeat copyright infringement and terminate their accounts.

Our three (3) strikes repeat infringement policy is enforced as follows.

Upon receipt of a take-down notice applying to one or more materials claimed to be the subject of infringing activity, a strike shall be recorded against you, as the user's account who uploaded it, unless you send our designated agent a proper counter-notice. Please note that each take-down notice is treated as a single one, regardless the number of potentially infringing materials contained in such notice. As a result, one (1) strike shall be recorded against your account though the take-down notice refers to two (2) or more potentially infringing materials uploaded.

Nevertheless, your account won't be terminated upon receipt of such strike. Indeed, you will be given two (2) more chances to stop uploading materials infringing on third party's copyrights. There would be little to no pedagogy in our repeat infringers' policy if the process was to ban you immediately. However, under some circumstances and at our sole discretion, we may ban and delete your account upon receipt of a single notice.

In the event your account accumulates three (3) strikes:

As a repeat infringer, you must not sign up for new accounts on our website.